There is a better way of getting into business for yourself

Want to take control of your own destiny and build an asset for your future? That's why it's a dream of many builders to get into a business of your own. Maybe that's why New Zealand has one of the highest rates of small business ownership in the world. But it's not all it's cracked up to be.

You can reduce the risk of being in business

Yes, as a business owner, you call the shots. But just because you're good at what you do, doesn't mean you're going to be good at running your own business. Some of the best builders run the worst building businesses. That's why owning your own business can be a risky business.

3 ways to stack the odds of success in your favour

Because repair and renovation jobs take less time and resource, the builders and other trades aren't tied up for as long as they would be on a new home or commercial construction project, so they're paid quicker and can move on to other jobs.

1. Take advantage of the power of a brand to stand out from the pack
One of the best ways is to understand and use the power of a brand. Big businesses do this. That's how they got to be big businesses. A brand will set your business apart, help you stand out from the pack.

2. Use powerful marketing to reach customers
Another way to stack the odds in your favour is to use powerful marketing. Site signs, brochures, newsletters, a website. They're all ways of reaching your most likely customers, and turning them into customers.

3. Streamline your business with proven systems
What else sets successful businesses apart from unsuccessful ones? Systems. These are ways of getting things done without having to start from scratch every time. Successful building businesses use pricing systems, financial systems, operating systems. These systems make businesses more effective and streamline the way they operate. Without systems, you'll be up till one in the morning doing your bookwork. With systems, you'll have time to enjoy your family and some leisure time. The difference is that plain.

Build a business that's an asset, not just a job

Best of all, with a combination of a brand, marketing and systems, you have the opportunity to build a business that's also an asset for your future - that is, a business that will grow in value and be sellable. Too many so-called building businesses aren't really businesses at all. They're jobs for the owners. But with a brand, marketing and systems, you have the opportunity to build a real business. A business that can operate without you. A business you can sell.


We offer everything you need in one incredible package...

A brand, marketing and systems. Think it all sounds too hard? Think again. We have a simple solution. A Fix It Building Services Franchise offers you a brand, marketing, systems and much more - everything you need in a single, simple package.
Franchising has been proven to reduce the risk of being in business. With its distinctive brand, powerful marketing, proven systems and everything else, a Fix It Franchise will reduce the risk of starting your new building business, or expanding your existing business.

...for less than the cost of starting a business by yourself!

What's more, with everything you need to get started, you'll hit the ground running and be able to grow your Fix it business faster than if you just went into business for yourself and by yourself.
And did you know that it actually costs you less to get into a Fix It Franchise than to start your own independent business? And that we'll even guarantee your income for those first few critical months after you start up?




Like to start your own building business?

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Repairs, maintenance, bathrooms, kitchens and other renovations are where the money is in the building industry.

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